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the Matrix

Have you ever seen the movie matrix? if you like science you must watch this. This movie tells us that our world is in a computer simulation or inside a matrix. what if our world is a complex computer program. We are nothing but the strings of binary digits 1 and 0. It is hard to believe but many scientists believe it to be so. According to the simulation theory even our consciousness is simulated by computer program. I do not know whether this theory is right or wrong but such theory has many advantages.
yes we are inside the matrix. We are living in a dream world. About 14.4 billion years ago an accidental explosion happened. Everything including spacetime was created through that explosion we call big bang. What exists now is a consequence of that. We are here because our universe had no boundary at that special event. The universe started expanding rapidly ever since big bang happened.
Everything follows simple rules which are universal and eternal. The grand design of the universe reflects this fact. Both small things and the large structure have to obey these laws which are scientific. Small world of atom is governed by chance and God plays dice all the time. Our universe can appear from nothing due to chance taking quantum leap from eternity. Our reality is a model which can be described by fundamental particles and forces. Without these forces you can not see this sentence and our earth would not stay on its orbit around the sun. The matrix is everywhere even when you look into the very room. It is the chair you are sitting on, it is the air you breath and electricity that is powering you and your computer.
It is possible that our universe is not the only universe. There is a multiverse of universes each of which has fundamental laws and constants. This universe is a gigantic simulation.

New theory of the universe:

Where does the law come from? Physics has a lot universal laws that describe our reality. But the provenance of these laws is unknown. The laws are supposed to exist all the time. So my contention is that laws exist as a logical necessity. The laws exist all by themselves. Mathematics is the only language that describes these laws precisely. Every physical law is a mathematical law. Mathematics can be built from purely logical grounds. Logic can be very abstract and removed from empirical world. So it can be assumed that physical laws exist all by themselves like logic and mathematics. The question of how the laws came from is solved apparently. Geometry is a priori ( that does not depend on experiment) from of human intuition. All possible worlds must confront to mathematics , not only this accidental world that we live in. Otherwise the idealism states that reality is our thoughts and imagination. Better still, it is the figment of our imagination. This is also consistent with this interpretation of the existence of physical laws.

The edge and boundary of the universe :

The universe that we live in may be finite without any boundary. It can be like the surface of the earth. The surface of the earth has no boundary but it is finite. There is no report of someone falling off . So we might be trapped inside a three-dimensional surface. A surface of an n-dimensional space is a n-1 dimensional space. So our universe can itself a surface of four dimensional space, which we can not perceive. You can not also ask what happened before the big bang. There was no notion of time prior to big bang. Space and time were created at the instant of big bang. It is like asking what is there at the south of south pole. There is nothing south of south pole of the earth. This issue can be tackled in another way:

Theory of relativity has improved our understanding of space and time. In theory of relativity space-time has dynamical characteristics. Time as well as space are relative. What we can observe is space and time. Footrule and a chronometer give the description of all the events in our universe. Now question may arise what is outside our visible universe. There is nothing actually. It is the same as the question of what happened before the big bang. We only know the universe through space and time. When there is no existence of space and time , there is no issue regarding what is outside our universe. We think that we can reach the boundary or horizon of our universe. But this is not only theoretically impossible but also implausible. Space and time must cease to exist as soon as you reach the edge or boundary. We should not think ourselves outside the framework of relativity or Newtonian absolute space and time.

Weirdness of the world:

Life may not have a purpose but when you try to observe deeply everything is mysterious and interesting. Take for example our very mind and its nature. What is the ground that other people are thinking like you are? We can not perceive other people’s mind like we perceive our own minds. It is only the analogy by using which we can infer that other people are thinking like me. We can not directly experience their thoughts and emotions. We can not be acknowledge of anything happening inside their head. This is very consistent with the concept of solipsism. Solipsism states that only you are sure to exist and everything else is just your imagination. What is happening to us is very occult and arcane. We are being played by the laws of physics. Physics only reveals the causal structure of the world. That is to say, it can only say that something is the cause of any other thing. It only can say something is going to happen after some other thing has happened. This is the nature of the world; cause-effect, action and reaction . We are forever slave to it as the Merovingian’s quotes go. What goes on inside the mind might also have causal relationships with one another. This will need a detail analysis of the causal theory of perception.

Anomaly or glitch in the system:

This world or the universe is a gigantic machine. It is better to call it a physical system.

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