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Web development

Website my be of two type : one is static and the other is dynamic. The dynamic website needs a server side scripting languages to be processed by the server. The static website is the one which content does not change by user interaction. There is a long history of web development as usual. Web development mainly relies on HTML to represent content to the users.

A database is usually configured with the website pages and when user clicks any link or submit a form website content changes. The internal process is quite complicated. But to say simply web programming languages or high level language. A low level programming language is more like machine code. A simple basic about the high and low level languages can be found here.

Many web programming have been developed. Most popular among those are python, php, C#. There are two kind of web programming languages: one is server side and other is client side, such as JavaScript. Javascript is compiled by the client's browser and very popular now a days. Firstly php can do almost everything a dynamic websites needs. PHP means hypertextpreprocessor. Many web servers now host php and process php scripts. It is accompanied by mysql database. One can locally install XAMPP and test php script instantly. PHP and HTML can interact with each other, which lets someone to build any webpage easily.
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