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The story began back in 2012. Two families met for the first time to unite two boys and girl. The boy was very shy and modest. All the arrangement was done in due time. The boy rode six hours to meet the girl for the first time. The boy was not so willing to marry at that time. He was somewhat forced to marry. It was a nice chineese restaurant where the meeting happened. Everybody including the boy and the girl were in the restaurant. They ordered some foods. While having the foods the boy and the girl finally got a chance to talk to each other. The boy asked the girl's name and the girl answered her name. Not too much talking between them happened.
They got inside the car and went to a park to have some more talk. The boy somewhat became charmed by the beauty of the girl. They again sat inside the park and began talking. Many words were exchanged and their initial acquiantace (familiarity) with each other happened in a very cozy and friendly environment. Their engagement was completed earlier in the restaurant.
Everybody was happy and merry. Two families were united for the first time. The culture of the society is somewhat different here. The marriage were fixed to be registered after one month. That is , the marriage ceremony when the boy and girl are permitted to live will be held after one month. So they waited for one month to be passed. The girl had got an engagement ring from the boy's mother.

One month interval

The boy came back to his work place and was somewhat afraid to marry at this stage of his life. He had started a job recently and barely can afford himself. But he was supported by his family financially and psychologically. The boy is gratefull to his family in this regard. But now the boy seems to be romantic. He had got the girl's phone number. He called her time to time and asked her to meet again. The girl became interested to meet again but at her locality. Something began to happen between them. The boy again flew to meet the girl. The boy was excited to meet her. It will be his first date. May be the girl's first too. At last they met again somewhere in Bangladesh. They exchanged a loughter. What was the first word? Forget about it. The girl asked to get on the ricksha (human ride). They were inside the ricksha and ricksha puller took them to an educational place. The boy followed the girl into the educational place. What happened then?

The boy touched the girl's hand for the first time. Then they talked about delaying their marriage. The boy particularly wanted to delay the marriage but the girl did not want to delay. Then they came out of the education place and went to a place near a river. Again they sat and talked for a while. Some romanticism began to be developed between them. The environment was friendly and romantic. The boy successfully completed her first dating with the girl whom he was going to marry. He said the girl goodbye and left the place where the girl used to live.
The boy came came to his work place again and started working. But he wanted to meet her again and again. They talked to each other using mobile or celluler phone. The boy asked the girl to kiss while talking with the phone. The girl gave him kiss through the phone. The girl promised the boy that she would always be with him and love him. That is to say, she will always be his girl. The girl said this when the boy first dated the girl earlier. Please remember this .

Second Visit

In one month's interval the boy again went to meet the girl in her place. The journey was not so smooth and pleasant. The boy had to struggle to get on the bus. But he managed it and was able to reach the destination. After reaching the destination the boy informed the girl that he had come to visit her. The girl was somewhat surprised. They finally met again and exchanged smiles. They again got on a ride and went to a zoo. There they sat for some time and started talking. They again talked about there marriage. Not much remarkable happened. Then they came out of the zoo and went to a restaurant to eat. The boy and the girl sat down close to each other and ordered something to eat. They are now closer together than before and became very intimate. Their relationship started to grow better. They got opportunity to kiss each other. That was a moment of great feeling and surprise for the boy. While they were waiting for the food some more intense emotional events happened. That was the first time they were together in a restaurant and specially in closed environment.

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