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This website is mine. I am a self-claimed scientist. I am a writer too. I am trying to build this website for mass people and education. My goal is to make everybody aware of science and technology. I have tried my best to share my knowledge and experience here. But at this moment I have to give a lot of effort and money to others , which I can hardly manage. If you like reading my website, I will be happy and if not , please do not go away from it. Ads are displayed on front page. If you click on it, I will get some money. Thus my wrtiting will be worthful. One click can make both of us happy. Your contribution can change the world. If you invest in learning and education , you will be rewarded in future. Thank you

Telecommunication comes from combination of "Tele" and "communicate" which means distant and "message" respectively. Telecommunication is a sub field of Electrical and Electronics engineering. The internal picture is quite lengthy to describe. But the important features are few and can be easily explained. Firstly communication can be both wireless and wired system. Both of the communication system can also be analog or digital. I hope that if you are reading this you already know what analog and digital system means. In short , analog system relies on quantities that vary continuously over a range. On the other hand digital system utilizes discrete quantities, which are by definition countable. All the modern systems are discrete system. They are more efficient and easier to manipulate. Analog machines are bigger in size whereas discrete system needs little space as it always deals with finite number of quantities. So it is no surprise that modern day telecommunication utilizes discrete system in them.

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