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n two or more light elements comes into contact and create heavier elements. In the process huge amounts of energy is released in the form of radiation. This energy comes due to Einstain's mass energy equivalence principle. The sun also generates a lot of radiation including light by this principle of nuclear fusion. This process also involves binding energy which each nucleons possess. The extra binding energy in usually converted into radiation or other mass.

nuclear fusion
On the other hand in nuclear fission a heaver element is disintegrated into one or more other elements and a lot of energy is released. Atomic bombs and nuclear power plants works by the principle of nuclear fission. When an atom , in this nuclear fission , disintegrate , the binding energy is converted into a lot of energy like the nuclear fusion process.
nuclear fission propositions whether we perceive it or not: the mind, in fact, is as purely receptive in inference as common sense supposes it to be in perception of sensible objects. The relation in virtue of which it is possible for us validly to infer is what I call material implication. We have already seen that it would be a vicious circle to define this relation as meaning that if one proposition is

Reference materials:

Law of thermodynamics
A briefer history of time by S. Hawking
A brief history of time by S. Hawking
Quantum mechanics
Grand Design by Stephen Hawking
Higher Engineering Mathematics ( PDFDrive.com ).pdf
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