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Medical Science

Medical profession was not a pure scientific branch in the past. It has been transformed and is now regarded as a branch of pure science. Medical profession basically focuses on the aspect of treating patients and healing them. Theoretically biology is the study of life and living organisms. How life emerged on the earth is a hot topic in science. This involves study of chemistry and physics. So ultimately biology falls in the scope of pure science.
Medical science deals exclusively with human body and how it works. Anatomy is the study of component parts of human body, for example the heart, the brain, the kidney etc. Medical science thus can be considered the applied branch of biology. It is similar to engineering or applied physics which is applied branch of physics.

Biology and its relation to physics

Biology is the study of animals, organism and life. It was invented by a Greek philosopher. Modern biology includes topics like cell division, taxonomy and many others. It certainly includes the study of plants and herbs. A scientist of Asia first proved that plant has life too. So animals and plants are the central objects in biology. Biology probes the inner structure of animals and planets , which are assumed to be composed of cells. Cells are the basic smallest unit of life. There are other smaller things inside the cell. In this way, we come to atoms and molecules. If we want to analyse and study this objects we need to resort to chemistry and physics.

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